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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Very Quick Product Review.

A very quick product review
by Robin Piggott

There are a couple of well established companies on line who are catering to the Non Techy Newbies Market in the arena of “build your own site without the hassle of a webmaster”.

The first I recommend is Ken Evoy’s which will take you through the process without making life too complicated.

Site Build It! is the hosting package and is used by many Web Site owners including the more experienced of online operators so it’s not by any means an amateurs only outfit.

There are other products in the stable well worth looking at when you visit the site. Including “Make your Site Sell”…”Make your Words Sell “…”Make your Knowledge Sell”.

All in all a range of products to suit a modest budget that a newbie usually has to work with. Ken Evoy was one of the first Netpreneurs I subscribed to two years ago and his clear cut writing caught my attention.

We will talk about the other recommendation …Stone Evans and his Plug- in Profit Site in the next post.

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