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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Do it –Share it--Take it to the Bank. The Edison Factor!

Here's an article published 30 minutes ago on Ezine explores the possibilities of a technique to drive not only more traffic to your web site but to a specific page on your site that you have decided upon.

Here is the Article:-

by Robin Piggott

When you finally realise that your pretty little web site is not performing the way you had expected (which needs to come sooner rather than later) you have some work to do and then some! First of all it’s worth pointing out that today’s top marketers and those of yesteryear also have one thing in common with those of us starting off right now and that is that they were newcomers once also.

They did not give up at the first hurdle or even the five hundredth! Remember Thomas Edison and his 10,000 experiments before the light finally switched on! Each generation of successful entrepreneurs became just that as a result of the Edison Factor; the never give up, keep going, the dark just before the dawn philosophy.

Believe me it works! And what ever works you better do more of …much much more!

Now that I have your attention let’s home in on your pretty little web site that is dead in the water. At this point and with you tearing your hair out, you just have to pull something out of the bag or in this case for the purpose of this article, your Blog. What the hell has a Blog got to do with it (apologies to Tina Turner).Let me enlighten you and refer again to that dimly lit laboratory all those decades ago when all was finally revealed in a blinding flash so to speak? The Edison factor is waiting for each of us if we only give it a chance to switch on.

Clearly if you have not already joined the growing ranks of the Blogosphere than you should stop reading right now and just go set one up and then come back tomorrow or this afternoon if you really believe that you can get going in 15 minutes like Big Jim Edwards says you can (we are not all blessed with cyber kinetic chips in our little brains!)

Here’s the deal (real or otherwise!)Write a new and devastating page for your web site and hide it away in the murky depths of the “dead-in –the –water” real estate. You aren’t getting any traffic so it doesn’t matter where you put it? For the time being! You should put a reference to it on your home page since this is where your few visitors are mostly going to happen along anyway. This may get them curious, particularly if you have a really punchy headline and the content is going to shake them up a bit.

Now comes the Crunch…Post about it on your Blog (the new page that is); use the title of your blog post to reflect the nature of the Web Page…and in the post you can give a snippet of the page (not the whole page) with perhaps two hyper links. One at the beginning and one at the end of the post. Using some good keyword phrases to act as the Anchor text you link directly to your new page and Voila… visitors to your Blog are now going straight to your new page on the web site. Doesn’t matter how bad you feel about your current(!) illumination(web site presence) you are starting to get visitors into the centre of your site and who knows they may even stick around a while.

At this point you have now bought some time and you should be rewriting and improving your Web Site like there was no tomorrow because if visitors are going to return they have got to have something worthwhile to return to ...Makes sense ...Yes?
Next action is to check your web site stats every morning and look at the entry pages. You will be amazed that within a few days your most read page will be the one that you linked to from your Blog.
This is a technique that I have been using for only a short while and it has resulted in a massive increase in the daily traffic to the Web site. Still not anything like enough traffic and still pitiful, but it’s a principle that works well providing you post very regularly to your Blog and in each post you use anchor text to link to a specific page on your site which could be any page that you want to get further traffic.

Obviously until you build up traffic to your blog this will not break the bank but if it works and you can see actual results from your labours then you will gain the confidence and stamina to keep going until it all clicks together. Yesterday, or rather last night, I used this strategy to announce new changes to our web site and since the pages referred to in the blog post are not even live on the Web Site yet, since I am not yet the Webmaster, I linked to two separate pages in the two links. This morning we have seen the best ever daily visitor numbers to our site and I have already rung the Bank and told them to crack open the Bubbly! No seriously this is a technique along with many others that will get you where you want to go eventually .The important thing to remember is:-


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