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Friday, February 24, 2006

Marketing Yourself On AIR.

We have been invited to take part in another Radio Broadcast this morning on Ocean Fm along with an Irish Senator .to discuss the Driving malaise that is threatening to engulf the whole system of learner Drivers , Driving Tests, and Serious and Fatal accidents.

As we have said before there are many reasons for the lengthy delays in getting an Irish Driving Test appointment.

They are as Follows.

(1) Demographics. ..huge numbers of young people now in the age bracket at which they will be able to Drive (650,000)
(2) Drivers not preparing adequately or at all for their Test…meaning that they do not pass first time and go back to the end of the queue
(3) Changes in the Legislation regarding Provisional Licenses …meaning you now can no longer spend 25 years on a Provisional license!
(4) Shortage of Driving Examiners …the number of Examiners has not been increased for years and we now have a huge increase in the population.
(5) Immigration…Vast numbers of new Immigrants from the New EU accession States and further a field.
(6) Full employment ... means that more people have to travel to work outside of the Metropolis by their own Transport since there is no alternative.
(7) Some candidates don’t turn up at all which means that those who are desperately waiting for a Test date cannot be facilitated with cancellation appointments

Just a brief look at some of the main reasons for Driving Test Mayhem.

Ocean Fm 102.5…..

Log onto their site and hear the station live on the Internet

Talk to you again very Soon... Drive Safely.

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