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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star? Our 50th Post!

Today marks a landmark posting Milestone for this Blog ...Our 50th Post!

So come celebrate as we crack open the Java
This is not a world record but nevertheless an achievement which any one can emulate with a little effort and a passion for your Niche!

WANT TO HEAR ABOUT A REAL WORLD RECORD? Lance Winslow EZINE ARTICLES.COM most prolific Author just published over 500 articles in the Month of January.That will be hard for anyone to beat.

Think of the time it took to conqueur Everest,to fly non stop across the Atlantic and to beat the four minute mile barrier and you have an idea of what is ahead of you!

Here is a little snippet for all of you newbie marketers into the great benefits of posting to forums and sending e-mail on your niche Topic to, for example, Radio Stations whose articles and web sites you happen upon.

In the very early hours of this morning before the cocks crowed but while revellers can still be found trying to navigate their four wheels round a lamp post that conveniently got in their way, I came across a web site for a New Radio Station.

Ocean Fm has a very good site and is based in the Northwest of the Island in Donegal Town covering several counties that are well known to Tourists visiting Ireland namely Donegal,Sligo and Leitrim.For those of you not familiar with these Counties...Donegal has the most spectactular BEACHES, ...SLIGO is the spiritual home of one of Irelands' favourite Sons ...the Poet Yeats ...and Leitrim used to be known for its Coal Mining Industry but better known now for its fantastic and unspoiled Coarse Fishing
I Guess I will have to pen a few articles on these Counties in due course.

Finally we get to the startling revelations!

Now I wasn’t surfing for the early morning news but had just received a Google Alert in my in box with an article from one of the Station’s contributors. Yes it concerned my other main passion in life (apart from Marketing) …that of trying to make a difference, however small, to the ever increasing problem of Driving Test delays here in Ireland , but more importantly the Life and Death struggle being waged by Ireland’s Motorists.

Where’s the benefit? ... well… before the ink (!) had dried on my e-mail (no that’s a slight exaggeration ) I received an e-mail from a Producer at the Radio Station asking if I would be available to take part in a broadcast tomorrow Morning.

That is how quickly you can build a contact and a chance to express your views. Don’t you just LUUUUve the power of the Internet? Of course you have to be in the right Mode (or mood) with the strategy well in place if you are going to seize opportunities like this on a regular basis.

I published an article recently at Ezine Articles .com where the GOOGLE Alert strategy was outlined as a very efficient and up to the minute way of creating Blog Posts and Articles. Here is the link to my Article Directory page at Ezine Articles Dot Com Exiled Brit Spouts Forth

Read and Digest (you had better get a pot of Java on the boil) and then suitably refreshed you better go out and do the same…again and again. Your profile will start to build and when this is underway, then you can expect to see an increase in the flow of Traffic to your Web Site and hopefully the increase in sales of your services and products…since you have now become not only known but trusted as well!

Get Writing and go get a Google Alerts Account right now!!
(c) Robin Piggott...Astral Web Authors 2006.

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