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Sunday, February 26, 2006

JIM EDWARDS Comes to A Town Near There!

Guru Daq Top Mover Jim Edwards (yes he of E Book Fame!) has just announced his very first U.K. E.Book Seminar which will be held at the Heathrow Sheraton Hotel on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd April 2006.

This is Jims’ first European Seminar/Workshop and will obviously sell out very quickly. Most of you who have been online for a little while will know the successes that Jim has achieved after coming back from Bankruptcy and a Trailer Park! His monumental achievements show us all that no matter how low you sink there is always a path to get you out of oblivion providing you have the guts and determination to do so.

Having some supportive infrastructure is always a great benefit in creating success at any level…Jim had none of this during the early days of the Internet Marketing revolution in the late 1990’s so his success is all the more remarkable which is why he has built up such a loyal following, myself included.

Jim was one of the few people who replied personally to an e-mail from me nearly two years ago when I was first discovering how the whole Internet thingy worked .This impressed me no end and after purchasing several of his own and co produced products it was obvious that Jim was not only here to stay but was going to make an enormous impact in the Internet Marketing field.

Jim’s first UK seminar will be concerned with passing on all the nuts and bolts of how to create and Market your own E. Books and make a successful and profitable income.

I shall be there and I urge you to get cracking and subscribe for the event before it sells out which it inevitably will and in double quick time. Here will be an opportunity to learn from the Master and his special guest Phil Gosling over two action packed days .If you are on Jim’s mailing list you will possibly have heard already about the workshop if you are in Europe but if not I suggest that you visit one of his sites and get on the list pronto. Below is the link to one of his sites” Turn Words intoTraffic that I promote as an affiliate…so what’s keeping you?

Turn Words into Traffic An absolute masterpiece co written with Dallas Edwards, Jim's Mentor!

P.S. you could also take a look at my post about the Guru Daq Index from 08 02 06 which features Jim Edwards.

Have a great week and start getting ready for your first e.Book!

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At February 27, 2006 12:46 PM, Blogger Christi said...

Ah, I envy you, my friend! Wish he'd bring that show to my area! lol It should be extremely fun, but I'll warn you, he'll be wearing some of those hot Hawaiian shirts! ;-) Can't wait to hear how it goes in your blog.


At February 27, 2006 2:20 PM, Blogger Robin.C. Piggott said...

Hi Christi,
Yes I have actually posted to his new podcasting site asking whether all delegates will be given one of the Caribbean Shirts for attending.
Guess there will be 6 months worth of Articles to come out of Jim's Seminar
and a ton of profits?
Talk soon . Robin
P.s When will you be bringing the Dog Potentials Seminar on the road?

P.P.S. I wonder will Jim be bringing his two dogs to appear on the Podium?

At February 27, 2006 2:49 PM, Blogger Christi said...

Only 6 months worth? I'm betting you'll get a couple of years out of it. Afterall, once you apply some of what he'll teach, you can write about the effects of it. So, you write about what he taught, you write about how you applied it, then, you write about the results.... Yeah, I'd say a couple years worth. lol Especially when it's likely that things will change by the time you apply most of what he tells you.

Ah, not likely that DP will be travelling to Europe any time soon. Not until it's producing more income than it is. I do intend to make it over there sometime to do some ancestry digging, though. Seems I have a lot of English ancestors with smatterings of Irish, Scotch and Welsh. Then, on to Germany at some point. BUT, that's a whole other series of articles. lol

Hard to bring dogs over when you're not showing, but not impossible. Doubt he will, though. Must have a great pet sitter with all the travelling he does.


At February 27, 2006 3:34 PM, Blogger Robin.C. Piggott said...

Hi Christi, nice post! It will be fascinating to chart the progress of budding E Book authors after attending the Conference.(What about an ebook on teaching your dog to talk ?) DOG POTENTIALS
Which reminds me ...Bernadette Doyle of Client Magnets is running a seminar, two in fact in London at the beginning of April. Bernadette's Company specialises in helping small business owners to market their Businesses better and also to run Workshops if their field is appropriate for this type of Marketing
Client Magnets


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